Best of Caspi

Tuesday March 12 20:30

A Live tribute to Matti Caspi

A Live tribute to Matti Caspi, one of the greatest Israeli musicians. Matti composed, sang, arranged and played in over a thousand songs in a large diversity of styles, from classical music inspired ballads, through African and Gypsy rhythms, to Bossa Nova and Jazz. He is considered by many to be the greatest Israeli composer of all times.

The band consists of young, talented musicians, who – through years of singing and playing on different stages – discovered they share common thrill to Matti Caspi’s wonderful music. They decided to unite in order to make the dream come true and perform his greatest hits in new and refreshing arrangements.

The show will take you on a journey in Matti’s musical world, from emotional, touching ballads to groovy Brazilian beat, all spiced up with stories from behind the scenes of the songs’ creation.

Discounted tickets here for 50 NIS and 60 NIS at the doors
Doors open at 20:30 Show start at 21:30