Brazil month at The Zone

Monday November 26 20:00

Chorole host Maya Belzitzman!

Just before embarking on another tour in Brazil, the Chorole Ensemble hosts the amazing singer and cellist Maya Belzitzman, in a special performance with original arrangements of Brazilian classics and new songs.

Flute and accordion – Salit Lahav (Israel)
Cavaquinho – Daniel Ring (Brazil)
Pandeiro – Oded Aloni (Israel)
7 Strings Guitar – Nir Steinberg (Israel)
Cello and Voice – Maya Belzitsman (Israel)

Discounted tickets here for 70 NIS and 90 NIS at the doors
Doors open at 20:00 show start at 21:00
Discounted tickets for all 4 concert here for 200 NIS