Bob Marley - The Annual Salute Show

Saturday February 4 20:00

Rasta Power celebrating Bob's birthday

There is no need, it should be assumed, to introduce Bob Marley, a man who in a short period of time and with his own hands changed the face of music in the world.
The first to conquer the world with uncompromising protest music that became timeless pop hits.
The first to publish the reggae style in the world (which is still alive and kicking to this day)
The first to put Jamaica on the world map
The first and the last that swept and continues to sweep audiences of every religion, race, sex and geo-political-social-economic origin
Bob Marley was a giant among the giants and continues to influence decades after his passing.
All of these, and especially his tremendous music, are great reasons to gather for a special show to mark his birthday.

The sacred work is entrusted to the wonderful band ‘Rasta Power’ who carry the feed of performing Bob’s music since its inception 20 years ago in which hundreds of performances have appeared on every possible stage in Israel and abroad.
This year’s show focuses on performing faithful versions of songs from all eras and from all over the huge repertoire that Bob left, not just the greatest hits.

Power Rasta are:
Gadi Altman – Vocals and guitar
Amit Sagi – Bass
Michael Avgil – Drums
Natan Levsky – Keyboards
Nadav Barak – Lead guitar
Gabriel Salofa Prism – Percussion
Shira Chen – Voices
Odalia Oknin – Voices
The first Uri Jah to his name – Trumpet
Ongi Sizzling – Saxophone

Doors open at 8 p.m., show starts at 9 p.m.
Secure your spot by purchasing a ticket in advance here for NIS 80.
Tickets at the entrance NIS 100, if there are any left…



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