Aviv Bachar

Thursday February 9 21:00

An intimate winter round

Aviv Bachar in the 2023 winter tour together with his travel partner, Amit Sagi in an acoustic, warm and intimate show. In the show they will perform Aviv’s best songs over the years from all his albums such as: “In the days that passed on us” “Sailing boat” “Water” and more in new arrangements, exposed and well done all on the purity of the guitars, full of emotion and soul that characterize and distinguish Aviv and make him one of the most intriguing young artists in Israeli music.
Aviv is an artist, musician and poet who has been working for almost a decade in the Israeli music industry. His songs are a new voice, which have become an integral part of the Israeli soundtrack. In 2013, he collaborated with the cellist, Hadas Kleinman, and together they toured the length and breadth of the country in hundreds of performances. Behind the composition are 3 albums, of which hits conquered the various radio stations and the audience. In 2020 he released a personal debut album in which he wrote and composed all the songs. and together with Patrick Sabeg released the song “Ketub Be Kochavim” which was successful and played many times.
To date, he has produced and created for diverse singers and bands and has fruitful collaborations with Israeli and international musicians such as: Rita, Shlomo Gronich, Mosh Ben Ari, Adi Rennert, Yasmin Levy, Ross Daly, Mark Eliyahu and more.

Doors open at 9 p.m., show starts at 10 p.m
Advance purchase tickets here for 85 NIS or 95 NIS at the door on the evening of the show

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