Wednesday January 11 20:30

A celebration of Turkish music ///cancelled///

The group Arakdas (“friend” in Turkish) focuses on Turkish music that was common among the Jewish communities in Turkey and Kurdistan. The song repertoire was mostly written in Istanbul and Izmir, where most of the Turkish Jews were concentrated. The show will also feature songs from the villages of the Kurdish community in the Orfa region, as well as songs in Ladino, which was the spoken language of Turkish Jews. Arkadas musical journey passes between classical Turkish music from the courts of the Sultan, through Turkish folk songs highlighting the begalama, songs and dances that were associated with the zaybek (the soldiers who fought against the regime) to gypsy songs and arabesque songs, the musical genre influenced by popular Arab music.
This journey turns into a real Turkish celebration where traditional musical instruments combine with new and original arrangements and create an exciting, dancing and bouncy show that evokes longing for the culture of Beit Ama.

The band members:
Julie Besandilov – the singer and oud player who specializes in Turkish music for the subject
Tom Kaplinski – saz player on the galama, the most common traditional instrument of Turkey
Dor Deloya – the kamancha player known for his many styles (Turkish, Azeri, Greek)
Guy Rotem – the percussionist who gives an insanely wide envelope of sounds
Epa Benzik – bass player who came to us straight from Turkey, Izmir
Yoni Ben Dor – a set of drums and dhul, a gypsy drum, which is played at every wedding in Turkey.

///cancelled/// Ticket buyers received a refund

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