Amos Hoffman

Tuesday July 19 21.00

Special home visit show

Amos Hoffman, one of Israel’s founders of the new jazz scene and among its top player, composers and teachers is coming home for a visit, and this only is a reason to throw a party, in the form of a special show which will be held on Tuesday July 19th
Amos blends jazz and oriental and Arab music in his own unique way i.e with loads of soul, groove, sophistication and dynamic
It will be a special treat to enjoy his new (and older) music after two full years of absence

On Stage:
Amos Hoffman – guitar and Ud
Assaf Yuria – saxophone
Gilad Abro – double bass
Itay Harel – drums

Doors open at 9, show at 10
Tickets in presale here for 70 shekels or 90 at the door

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