Alon Oleartchik & The Band

Friday June 3 14:00

Special acoustic show

Alon Oleartchik Band Show

Alon is one of the most known, beloved and exciting musicians in Israeli music today, with an adventurous and creative career spanning over 50 years, including founding membership in the mythical Kaveret Band followed by fifteen solo albums published to date, countless shows and distinguished collaborations.
The Band will reunite for a single unplugged concert on the occasion Asher Fedi’s visit to Israel from LA and will perform

The songs Ba lashechuna Bachur Chadash, Hi Holechet Badrachim, Mastic, Boi Nagid Sheani Shelach, Kol Davar Kat, Boi Nitchabek and others will highlight in the show.

Photo credit – Ayelet Adar

Soundman – Dudu Shavit

Tickets for 120 NIS here or 150 at the door
Doors open at 14:00 Show start at 15:00

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