Harouna Dembele & Fanta Dembele

Saturday September 30 20:00


We are very excited to invite you to an unforgettable evening of African celebration in all its glory. A spectacular performance of African music, dance and singing and a mesmerizing dance party. A show that showcases African culture in all its color and power.

The show and the entire evening will open a week of workshops with the two leading international masters in the world of drumming and dance the wonderful Haruna Dembele and Fanta Dembele, who are coming to us from Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast in West Africa, will lead a spectacular show together with top-class musicians and dancers of the African drumming and dance community in Israel. The show combines authentic drumming, dance and singing pieces with unique compositions built especially for this evening.

An evening interspersed with performances, guests and full of surprises. An unforgettable, immersive and exciting evening awaits you.
The entire evening was produced by Nir Atebooni – Gongoma and Yael Sharoni.

Doors open 8 p.m , show starts 9 p.m
Presale tickets 90 NIS or 110 NIS at the entrance.
Ticket for workshop staff 80 NIS click here
* Presentation of a valid certificate at the entrance.

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